2018 Travel in Review

Teon Brooks
6 min readJan 6, 2019

2018 was a very busy year for me: I bounced between coasts a far bit, moved back to NYC in April, and spent a good chunk of time in Europe. A friend of mine asked me to list out all of my travel trips this year and I realized it was a good time to reflect on all the jet setting.

My 2018 travel footprint

Here below is a list of them all, some close by and some far, and some photo highlights.


L) Jan 20, NYC — Visiting the Cloisters for the first time

R) Jan 28, Mountain View — Onboarding with my cohort


L) Feb 5, Bethesda/DC — Attending a workshop on Academic Publishing at HHMI

R) Feb 23, Lake Tahoe — Ski weekend in Tahoe for a friend’s birthday


L) Mar 10, Big Sur — Camping trip

R) Mar 24, Toronto — Design sprint workweek

Mar 31, NYC — My move back to NYC!


L) Apr 5, Miami — Friend’s bachelor party weekend

R) Apr 8, Eindhoven — MozRetreat :Planning for Mozilla Festival

Apr 17, SF/LA/Indio — Seeing Beyoncé et al. @ Coachella with crew


May 10, New Orleans —my friends’ rad wedding weekend

May 23, SF/Lake Tahoe —friend’s birthday weekend

Fire Island — first week of June, July, August, September


Jun 11, SF — All Hands


Aug 6, Montreal — Neuroinformatics


Sep 9, Paris — Remote working at its best

Sep 12, Reims — Champagning

Sep 14, Mykonos — Solo traveling

Sep 17, Athens

Sep 19, Aegina

Sep 20, Split

Sep 23, Zadar

Sep 24, Toronto — Iodide Meetup


Oct 11, Boston/Newburyport/Portland

Oct 18, Madrid — Visiting newly relocated friend

Oct 21, Paris/Vincennes — Remote Work

Oct 26, London — MozFest


L) Nov 4, San Diego — Gave talk on FAIR Neuroscience panel @ Society for Neuroscience

R) Nov 5, SF — Remote work/AfroTech

Nov 19, Charlotte — Thanksgiving


Dec 3, Orlando — All Hands



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